Friday, November 17, 2006

Pocoyo and pato

Pocoyo kicks ass.

Please be aware that pocoyo should not to be confused with POPOCO.

I can actually watch pocoyo and not feel annoyed by his high pitch voice.

The music in this show is awesome...Totally 16 bit!

The funny part is that pocoyo's friend, the duck, is called PATO.

Have a few beers, and enjoy this awesome creation.

Here is POCOYO, powered by Youtube!


alfonso said...

lo grande es que alfonsito taba al lado mi y me dice mira cocoyo y ese es eli..yo dije..mierda..tu eres aperosimo..como el doctor

::over-whelmed:: said...

tu si ta totao

its ok

we all are somehow

im burnt too

ur burnt

we all burnt

::over-whelmed:: said...

es mas let me go and make a song about it..

its gonna be called


no se..

ill get back to u on that one

Dr_Zeuss said...

I like the song natz :)

jO. said...


sometimes...ill be passing channels and i see that is hipnotizing....