Saturday, November 25, 2006


Lo consegui en ebay, baratola.

Toca CD de MP3, WMA, y se conecta al ipod con el dock kit. Tiene control, y coje HDRadio. Que apero.

Ahora falta la planta, las bocinas y la ALARMA!


FrankY said...

diantre okal...te ta yendo nitido..!!!

eee. no kiere un asistente lol

Anonymous said...

dude escribe mas vainas...toy aburrida y este blog es entretenido [aveces]

Rossy Victoria said...

Wow que bien, felicidades

Mich said...

Diablooooo!! Que COOL!


Anonymous said...

People... take it easy... its just a freakin radio.. its not like if he bought a state of the art system or if the thing is going to enhance his life!!! ITS JUST A RADIO!!!

Dr_Zeuss said...

ur not looking at the bigger picture here my dear anonymous, Just a radio will enhance my life...for a few days, till i get tired of it.

Anonymous said...

dotol... the puertorican chick wants a car radio with a tv screen and just for the looks of it, this one doesnt have it. Don't take me wrong, I do see the "bigger picture" its one hell of a player...its the pirates best friend lol. My first post was just a comment and personal opinion and a radio is just a radio at the end of the day.. it aint gonna make you richer nor will it help you "score" lol... ttyl