Sunday, November 12, 2006

I hate people

People have no manners.
Long story short, I used to have the best downstairs neighbor ever. He was always high on weed so he never cared about my music or my games.

Well, he moved out, and this people who I've never even met moved in.

I got a drumset for my birthday, and I practice every day religiously. One day I was working on my blastbeat and my 16th strokes, and this asshole starts banging on my floor with a broomstick. WTF is up with that?

So that day, I stopped playing and moved the drumset to a different room. Haven't been broomsticked ever since, so I think the drum issue has been cleared.

So today Im fraggin some n00bs at battlefield 2 demo [menofgodserver] you know, nothing out of the usual, and this asshole starts poking his celling with a broomstick of some sort, wich only got worse over time, cuz I wasn't quitting it this time. No, sir, if you want me to put my speakers down, knock on my door, and ask me nicely.

As I was expecting, the banging only got worse, this guy got a ladder and hammer, and hammered on my floor. So I took it to the next level.... Woofer Excursion Test Im going to leave this playing all day long, until he comes up here and asks me nicely to turn it down. Oh lord help him so he's nice to me, cuz if he calls the cops on me, he's gonna be in some serious trouble.

I hate people.


Anonymous said...


jO said...

take it easy...

remember patience...y to lo que tu dices....:P

un besito...

Rossy Victoria said...

Jajaja. Eso me acuerda donde yo vivia cuando llegue aqui. En el piso de arriba como a las 6 de la mañana comenzaban algo asi como a correr creo que era haciendo ejercicios, o que se yo, pero ese ruido no me dejaba dormir. Un dia me levante cuando estaban haciendo el escandalo, me tire de la cama y con mi greñero y pijama y les toque la puerta y adivina quienes vivian ahi! Si, unos Policias!!!!

Anonymous said...

dotol, cojalo suave, estos gringos son loco to'.
Por mi esperiencia, solo observo quien en el edificio pone musica alta y despues es mi turno, si alguien toca mi puerta y se pone de necio, es un concierto de sepultura un domingo a las 2am. y me voy a domir a un hotel....Y creame dotol, ya lo he hecho....
El vecino tiene dos opciones ser amable o take the road...JACK!!

cloklis said...

u were there first.

tell him to take a chill pill o dasela tu pa k no joda.

metele laughing gas por la ventana jajajajajajajaj k divertido fuera eso.