Friday, February 10, 2006

Save The Whales! WTF For?

The other day I went to renew my car's registration, and this lady asked me if I wanted to donate some money to save the whales...Why save the whales? Fuck the whales! What have they done for me to deserve my donation?

Just think about this...what if one day, you go to the beach and read a sign that says "Sorry, due to a lack of water, the beach is closed."

Impossible? Think again.

Here's a little fact about whales that not many people know: Whales are drinking all our water and eating yoleros for breakfast.

Oh, and the best part... this lady mentioned the fact that whales are smart!

Well, answer this asshole... If whales are so smart, how come they still haven't learned to breathe under water like every other fish in the ocean?

Whales are stupid. The only good thing that comes out of them is POOP. Ginormus turds used as fertilizer in some corn fields in mexico.

Whales suck. !

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