Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Little About Me...

I like video games.
I like leaving my socks all around the house.
I like speeding.
I like movies with guns and things blowing up.
I like rock and roll.
I like gadgets.
I like my bed (its the best in the world).
I like the color blue.
I like driving stick shift.
I like the beach.
I like girls.
I like to pick ice cream by it's color.
I like toys.
I like to go to toy stores.
I like loud music.
I like watching movies.
I like flash animations.
I like stupid flash animations.
I like playing mrs pacman on the arcade machine at the airport.
I like it when I get an adrenaline rush.
I like living the moment.
I like money.
I hate bachata, reggaeton, salsa and baladas amargachopas.
I hate berengena.
I hate YOU.
I hate brocoli.
I hate mature people.
I hate feeling sad.
I hate being bored.
Odio cuando alguien me despierta como no me gusta
I hate apagones.
I hate n00bs (i pwn 3m, then i eath their babies).
I hate Cameron Diaz.
I hate traffic.
I hate getting Pwned.
I hate chick flicks.
I hate movies with a message.
I hate filosophy.
I hate books with no pictures or drawings.
I hate NUDGES!

Well, thats about it.
For now...

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